The Gift of Silence

Posted by Dane Carder on December 25, 2019

We spend so much time with input coming in, and there is an unfed hunger for silence, that’s often not even named. The noise is not all heard, but just a general onslaught of information and distraction. I am guilty of avoiding the Silence, and that will work its way into a new year’s resolution, I believe. The epidemic has grown exponentially over the past ten years, and the side effects are visible all over our behaviors. This will be one of the more detrimental health concerns of the future… we can’t maintain this much interconnectedness to the trivial flood of information. We will come unhinged from our Divine nature, and we will slip further and further away from love.

Christmas was wonderful today… lots of family, and not too much holiday food. Carder Christmas, which always happens on the 26th, has been postponed due to several people’s experience with a stomach bug last night… Nobody wants that. So, tomorrow will be a bit weird without my family’s tradition… we will do it Saturday. With plans cast aside, the doors of opportunity are flung wide open for us. I hope that your holiday celebration was pleasant.

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