Sometimes… Circle of Life

Posted by Dane Carder on April 14, 2019

Every now and then, someone comes across my work and feels extremely connected to it for a very particular reason. It doesn’t happen as much as I would hope, but that makes the occasions when it does all the more sweet. A local man stumbled upon my work, and inquired about the possibility of having a commission done of John Brown, as he had long been fascinated by him. John Brown has a wild story, and he’s got the face to go along with the dramatic narrative. As it so happened, the portrait that I had done of John several years ago was the exact size that was needed for the newly renovated home… right above the mantle in the main living room. He sent me this photo last week, after the painting had been framed and installed, and it delivered an extra dose of gratitude. I definitely don’t make work to match sofas or anything like that, but the union of the painting and the space could not be more harmonious, and the client absolutely loves how it works. I have countless paintings in my inventory, and I do hope that many of them will find their final resting places before I do… it just completes the painting’s circle of life for me.

Speaking of “Circle of Life,” I was asked to photograph the school play, Lion King, Jr., and so I did on Friday evening… it was a middle school play, and I had a great seat on the front row. Near the end, I was nearly brought to tears when the whole circle of life scene plays out, and young Simba is coming to terms with his life and the loss of his father… but, of course, “the photographer shouldn’t be crying on the front row” while the performance is reaching it’s climax. That’s one of my certain issues… almost never allowing myself the space to “do the work” of particular emotional healing… I will keep putting some of it off, distracting myself until there is no more opportunity. It’s quite insane, and I do hope to remedy this avoidance game and face the shadows. How about you… how’s your shadow boxing?

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