New Resolutions

Posted by Dane Carder on December 31, 2019

I definitely won’t be writing one blog post every day in 2020… it was a great little exercise while it lasted, but I’ve had enough of the daily obligation. And, I don’t imagine the audience for this type of writing will miss it when I stop. That’s one barometer that I heard Seth Godin speak to about “products” or brands, etc… If I stop offering a specific service or good, will people miss it once it’s gone. People will not likely reach out to me to let me know that they really miss this daily post. If I stop showing art in Nashville, people will probably not miss it enough to let me know. I have not made an impact with what I have done in that sort of way. In 2019, I came to terms with this fact. I reflected much on what I am doing, and made peace with not having offered something that lots of people want/need… and, I made peace with not needing to be needed/wanted in that way.

That being said, I then began restructuring my internal compass and figuring out what direction I felt pulled to go next. That’s when Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce resurfaced. Now, I am not far from launching that business and offering a simple solution to family’s eternal question, “What’s for dinner.” I’ll keep folks informed, but not really on this blog… I’ll link the connection for you some time.

Now, on to 2020. I made some resolutions, like a seem to do, and there is not a daily obligations, really. I’d love to find a more consistent commitment to a meditation practice, but, that’s not a resolution…

Here’s what I resolve for 2020:

  1. Less cussing/rage in the car  –  more grace with other drivers
  2. Tell more people that I love them (when appropriate)
  3. Complete a book of haikus and paintings
  4. Launch Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce

Well, thanks to you if you have stopped by during this year long blog project. It was not intended for anything other than a practice of discipline and writing… a space and opportunity to flesh out some ideas in words. I wish each of you a fantastic year, with large quantities of joy and peace and Love.


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