Christmas Buddha

Posted by Dane Carder on December 1, 2019

We do what we need to do to make sense of life on Earth. Christmas provides certain opportunities to flex the special concoctions of multiplicity. Faith, history, tradition, new spiritual modalities… we put a Santa hat on Buddha. We do it, not in any sacrilegious manner, but simply as a show of the various parts of us.

Happy Holidays, y’all!


Posted by Dane Carder on November 30, 2019

It’s nearly tomorrow, and I need to blog today.


Art for the Holidays

Posted by Dane Carder on November 29, 2019

There’s a long tradition of art galleries hosting exhibits that cater to the idea of giving art as a Christmas/Holiday gift. It certainly provides an opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind gift for someone that doesn’t “need” anything. I will have some work in one of those such shows, and it opens tomorrow. It’s “Black Friday” today, and I think that it’s Small Business Saturday for the show’s opening… and, I think that the gallery really only has one employee… the owner. Modfellows Art & Design Gallery is a new endeavor in town, trying to make a go in a very tough market. Will the folks show up to shop for art??? There’s never any telling. We’ll do our part to make it a fun show and reception, and we can only hope for the best.

Today, me and my girls began our research into tree farms by visiting a Christmas tree farm and studying the setup. Mental notes were taken, but we didn’t leave with a tree… It felt like dipping our toes into the plan for our retirement project.

Thanks, Y’all

Posted by Dane Carder on November 28, 2019

To the few that stop by to read this blog, I say, “Thank you.” I’m certainly not here trying to become an influencer or anything, and the content isn’t groundbreaking or hysterical or too insightful, so your willingness to drop in here is valiant. I am extremely grateful for Life, all the billions of particles, the ebb and the flow. We are in the Light here, and my wish is that we all find more awareness of it, moment by moment, and that we share what we’ve got.

New Pillow

Posted by Dane Carder on November 27, 2019

Over time, we wear out the “things” that bring us comfort, or, at least they lose their ability to support us fully as they are intended. This can happen with friends, vices, and pillows. My new pillow arrived today, and hopefully it will work toward the healing of my pinched nerve. My morning habit of sitting on the couch while I drink tea, email, surf the web, etc., has lost its functionality… I hope to replace that routine soon.

Tiny Kitchen

Posted by Dane Carder on November 26, 2019

My kitchen is tiny, but it is powerful.

I am thankful to have what I have. I seek ways to maximize all of my “shortcomings,” and make them productive.

Beating the Champs

Posted by Dane Carder on November 25, 2019

Our Nashville Predators went on a seven game losing streak after starting the season strong. It was deflating and confusing, as so much talent could not find a way to win… against good teams and bad ones. Then, the schedule presented the challenge of playing the reigning Stanley Cup Champions two games in a row, one on the road and one at home. Saturday, in St. Louis, we beat the Blues, ending our skid in grand fashion, beating the champs. Then, on home ice tonight, we dealt them a second defeat. We went up 2-0 in the first period, then slowly let them back in the game, and ended regulation tied 2-2. We possessed the puck for most of the three on three overtime, and nearly put the game away a couple of times with solid shots. But, this game was meant for more drama. The Blues went up quick 1-0 in the shoot out, but we tied it on the last of the three attempts… Then, after they missed the fourth shot, we sent our newest player in to deliver the victory, and he did.

An unsuspecting hero… a team down on its luck. We put it together tonight to hopefully get back some of the mojo that is our swagger. It’s a real treat to be a sports fan sometimes, as the life symbolism provides learning opportunities in an electric environment. Thanks, Preds!

Systemic Glitch

Posted by Dane Carder on November 24, 2019

This accidental print may have to be included in my show in January. It works for me visually as a lovely symbol of what I’m working toward communicating. How well will it be translated? I’m not sure that the message will be clear, but with image and some writing, I’ll give it my best. That’s really all that anyone can do.

Going the Extra Mile

Posted by Dane Carder on November 23, 2019

Apparently, I will be driving to Philadelphia to purchase a Hobart mixer that is just like the one used at Jim’s. I am attempting to do exactly what they do at the restaurant to help ensure the production of the same sauce. I am not interested in doing this business half-assed. I’ve never been to Philly, and I’ll likely make a very enjoyable trip out of it. They have a wonderful art museum or two, and I’ll disappear there for a day. Then, I’ll deliver the mixer to Jim’s where it will be adapted to the necessary specifications… then, back to Nashville. The extra mile may cost more and take longer, but the results pay back the investment twofold, at least.

Cat Photos

Posted by Dane Carder on November 22, 2019

Some humans are obsessed with photos of cats… I am not. But, this happened, and it brought some extra joy. Most cats are obsessed with boxes.