Posted by Dane Carder on May 10, 2019

We have a small renovation project going on at our house, and the last two days have proved to be the type of days that simply stretch the limits of tolerance. We are inching down progress lane, but the limping two steps forward, one step back shuffle has got me exhausted tonight. I’ll be insulating the space on Saturday, and I hope to be as competent as I imagine I am in regards to this task. Once this is done, we can get it drywalled, and that will push it a bit more quickly down the lane, and maybe the project will require less subcontractors after that. It’s exciting to watch it come together, as we have been considering this for about five years. Anyways, the beard was removed tonight, and I’ll turn a corner with the visual transition… there is a weird beard psychology that I’d imagine someone has written about. Ciao.

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