Work Week

Posted by Dane Carder on September 16, 2019

The studio is in flux this week as I install an “exhibition” of my work. The first audience for this group of paintings will be a private party for a friend of mine who wanted to entertain his clients in a creative space; he wanted to share my work with them. I was honored to be asked, and now is the task of assembling a cohesive display from the enormous amount of available inventory. There is always a buzz inside when curating something like this. There’s no pressure really, but I feel challenged to present something that will hopefully resonate with the public. Certainly, we all want to be accepted to some degree, but in art (and life), it’s not worth trying too hard to please. Connecting with an audience is meaningful, and that is some of my intention here.

I will follow up this party with a STUDIO SALE next week. The summer comes to a close on Monday, and I’d like to celebrate that by saying “good-bye” to some paintings. I’ve resisted inviting people lately to see and possibly buy my work, as I’d found myself needing space from that dynamic. Many reasons I have had for this pulling back, and will potentially return to it to some degree after my show in January. But, for this season, I’ll make a concerted effort to rally some troops to come out and see what’s happening in the studio. See-sawing my business like this is the ebb and flow, and that’s my Nature.

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