Work In Progress

Posted by Dane Carder on July 12, 2019

The Effects of Depth

I’ve been shuffling around the thirty new paintings for a while now, and they are all beginning to head toward the home stretch. Of course, there’s a lot of work to do to build the frames and canvas wrapped panels that support them, but that’s later. The mental shift is welcomed, as a new set of problem solving tools is required to add the symbols and design elements. Layers and layers of washes and stains are meditative and “mindless,” sort of… now, I’m working on a puzzle. It is somehow more prayerful than meditative… hard, and maybe unnecessary, to explain.

Some of these thirty are going to Holland & MacRae in Atlanta, and some are slated for Artclectic in October. Though small, there is a voice that’s telling me to begin the process of making more. First things first, Dane… that’s what the louder voice is telling me.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to the beach for a week. I need the break from juggling the three major life balls: the garage renovation, the studio work, and Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce planning. All three have progressed smoothly for the last several months, but a pause will restore the energy reserves. There is nothing like beach time to recalibrate soul. Luckily, I am excited to return from the trip to get back to the enjoyed work of juggling.

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