Posted by Dane Carder on May 3, 2019

Over the last year or so, I have thought a lot about my work, and what it might look like in the “second half” of my life. I’ve been wondering through some mysterious midlife wilderness, and the art career that was once was fulfilling and that promised even more, is no longer sufficient. I don’t know if it would be if I were selling more work, but that’s not even worth considering right now…

So, the desire to be of greater service than the art career was offering has become a an essential characteristic of the next phase of my work. I am researching and strategizing for the start of something that has been at least a decade in the making. It hits so many sweet spots, but it also pushes several uncomfortable buttons… this is a recipe for an exciting experiment. I hope that in several weeks I will be able to begin sharing what I’m developing. My art will continue, but it will shift into a lesser role in my life for a while. I need more from my life at this time than I seem able to harvest from my studio practice. It is going to be a little bit weird for a while (not that it isn’t already).

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