Posted by Dane Carder on February 13, 2019

There’s a lot of mental wrestling going on these days. The state of the studio (and the nation and the world) is marked with fits and tantrums and moments of intentional calm escape/faith. Today seemed even a little extra sparky, challenging the flow of painting, and eliciting a doctoral degree’s worth of effort to steer the course. It was a little bit exhausting. Being in the studio full time requires more time alone than is often considered “healthy,” but there are sure ways to bolster the positive qualities of this time. It’s a strange situation where I feel like I enjoy human interaction much more than get it during the week, but I know I really need large amounts of time away from the stimulation of others. So, I find the best balance that I can… This studio space assists with the deeper self investigations that are currently constant in my Life. The pushing and pulling of all thoughts and emotions is a raw and awesome way to learn, and doing that while painting is freaky. Painting is pushing and pulling, colors, lines, shapes; wrestling.

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