Window Sill Heroes

Posted by Dane Carder on January 27, 2019

On my window sill by my bedside are three tchotchkes: Papa Smurf, a bust of Lincoln, and a wind-up “Civil War” soldier. In my world, they represent the hero archetype. Their size on the sill is lovely, with a subtle nod to humility. It is a trick to be “right sized” and to be such a leader, as we are especially audience to these days. Papa Smurf never really puffed himself up or overstepped his bounds, even if he was the unanimous leader/parent/god to the smurf nation. He led with grace and wisdom and compassion. From my understanding, Lincoln lived a life never estranged from his poor, small town Kentucky upbringing. For me, the soldier represents the “do your job” sort of hero. The tasks at hand are not always what might be desired, the battles are often longer and more brutal than “deserved,” but, the soldier soldiers on.

As the sun was setting tonight, I paused in my room as I was transitioning from a nine mile run to “Sunday evening slow down.” The warm tones on the window shade vibrated, and the heroes on the sill inspired. I’m grateful for these things.

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