Win Some, Lose Some

Posted by Dane Carder on June 3, 2019

I keep up with moon phases, most of the time. I hold today’s new moon partially responsible for the strange mystical scenario that unfolded in wild fury today. In order to protect the characters involved, I won’t tell the whole story here. The “win some” portion of this event was the placement of a painting that I did in 2007. Us or Them was one of the pieces in the original series of Civil War paintings that was exhibited at Art for Humans Gallery, Chinatown. It has been patiently waiting in various inventory stacks for the last twelve years. Seeing it installed today was a wonderful moment, as it serves as a symbol of patience and persistence. I have always thought that painting was a much more “sellable” painting than many of my others, because of it’s abstract nature. But, for all the that things don’t make sense and that I can’t explain, it sat unsold.

The studio survived tornados through all of last week… inventory, supplies, works in progress, all scattered about like sneeze splatter. I blew out of the studio on Friday and left it “as is,” knowing that I’d have to face it again. Today, I skimmed the surface, and the space already makes more sense. I didn’t paint a bit today. I think I’ll get around to that tomorrow. Looks like I am going to show new work next January… more to come on that. Winning and losing… I am grateful for the whole.

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