while i was at the studio

Posted by Dane Carder on January 25, 2011

the gestational period (of creativity) after the completion of a production run for a show can be one to three to six months… i get inside itchy and irritable at two and a half. this time, since the show at the end of november, i have been very mentally productive, and sporadically productive in the studio… and it has only been one and a half months; it’s good to not get the irritability and itchiness. again, i have started with a couple of “proto-type” type pieces, and i am usually inclined to keep them behind the curtain for a while, but i’m going to be more open with this, just for the hell of it. i am still formulating ideas about the next large series, and while i am doing that, i intend to produce about 33 of these new photo-based pieces. i am thoroughly enjoying this process while the other concepts are growing… and growing and growing and growing. the new year’s attitude is taking root, and the spring is creeping closer. cheers.

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