when in the midst of peculiar events…

Posted by Dane Carder on October 28, 2011

as an artist (and a human being,) i do some pretty ridiculous things. as i look through and edit the photos that i took of myself as studies for an upcoming self portrait, i am amused. i am usually on the backside of the camera, and seeing me in pose form is a little bit uncomfortable… absurdish. but, i do this for the Work. i will be adding a tiny (6×3.5 inch) painted self portrait to the other eight paintings that i have completed for an upcoming show. i have not done a self portrait since i had to in college, and i am pleased to say that i am more prepared now than then. it is a very peculiar time… a wonderful time to execute a self portrait in the vein of a civil war soldier’s carte de visite.

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