what now?

Posted by Dane Carder on May 2, 2013

in april, i crossed the two year point of my four year painting project (Ghosts and Hopes,) with very little fanfare.  the project is a Civil War memorial created out of paintings.  when it is finished, there will be thirty-six large format panels that illustrate the story of the war.  over the last three months, i have not been working on it at all, as i have been completing other work with more pressing deadlines.  now that those deadlines have passed, i am again back in full swing with the latest piece for the big project.  i am painting a 7’3″ x 4′ portrait of abe lincoln… a monument in itself.  i have hung the work again in the studio, and for the next three months, i will be doing the business of trying to secure funding to assist in completing Ghosts and Hopes by the 150th anniversary of the end of the war;  april, 2015.  i don’t have any experience in getting memorials funded, so… the open road lies before me with so much to learn.  i have found a willing assistant in this part of the business,  and i am very grateful for the help.  
next friday, may 10th, i will be hosting an open studio from 5-9p.m… and, as my birthday is the ninth, there will be cake.

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