Well Earned Beige

Posted by Dane Carder on June 19, 2019

The thirty paintings I’m working on right now are all eleven by nine, mixed media on panel. Painting the base of the background has proven to be a painstaking process that demands faith and patience. I’m going for an “aged paper” tone I’ve made a couple dozen in the past, but I’ve strayed from any sort of formula that I may have created in the past. There are probably seven coats of paint on the panels, some watery thin layers, and some glazed… no, there’s not much difference. As I studied them as a group today, I was a bit let down that I had only achieve a boring “putty” brand of beige, albeit with a lot of subtle nuance.

I’m sticking with the process, believing that the commitment to the layers will earn a tonal vibration that can’t be achieved without the depth. Transitioning soon to the addition of cut paper and flashe will elevate my energy around this series. I seem to be slumping just a bit as I build the layers, as I am also limiting my studio time these days to tend to building the other business.

Summer officially arrives on Friday. I’m ready for the ceremony.

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