Posted by Dane Carder on September 24, 2019

Back when I first started using a mass email platform to send studio news to my contacts, I struggled with “unsubscribers.” Every time I sent an update on my studio doings, I would receive reports from the platform host about who unsubscribed. This would lead directly to questions and self esteem pitfalls. Mild crushing notifications… silly, but human. People on my contact list that I didn’t really know would opt out, and it only hurt a little. “Friends” would leave the “tribe,” and like a punch in the nose, I felt it intensely. The “This is not about me.” mantra softened the blow, inherently knowing that folks just don’t want to get these emails, even if I was giving away gold.

Nowadays, I don’t send many of these emails, but I did this week, and the new response to the unsubscribers was a welcomed twist of attitude. I found myself with a gratitude of sorts for their decision. What it boiled down to for me was this:

Rejection is easier than neglect.


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