Two of the Sky

Posted by Dane Carder on May 13, 2016

I am working quite a bit with watery washes lately in this series.  The finish quality is flatter than typical acrylic paint… something new to explore and, therefore, a worthwhile endeavor.  The canvases are stacking up in the studio, as I have moved into the fifth month of this project, and I am comfortable with the shape it has taken.  I was not sure what would happen when I began it, and, I still don’t know for sure… I’m just making the paintings.  Eighteen down, thirty-four to go.
(Apparently, a tiny dust particle found its way into my camera and is appearing towards the bottom of the images.)

                                                         twentysixteen-17 (Moonset) – 24″x24″ – $500

                                                            twentysixteen-18 (Shooting Star) – 24″x24″

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