Posted by Dane Carder on August 25, 2011

i have spent the last several days with a larger than life-size Mr. Frederick Douglass (painting); it has been both intimidating and exhilarating. it is the most recent addition to the cycle of paintings that i will be working on over the next four years. this painting is not for individual retail sale, and that makes me happy. it is a big “F___ off!” to the game of playing/working for money. this series is about making paintings that matter, paintings that are more important than galleries, art markets, and money. of course (contradiction coming,) i am still waiting/hoping to secure funding to really make completing this project “on time” possible, but, in the meantime, i am painting with a purpose and a freedom… and, i believe that Mr. Douglass is the most apt subject for my attention at this time. thank you Mr. Douglass for trailblazing for freedom.

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