“Toxic Masculinity”

Posted by Dane Carder on July 9, 2019

That’s the catchphrase that is often used to describe one aspect of the ego that I am representing with visual deconstructions. It is not likely that I will use that terminology in my writings about it, but one never knows. Using “trending” language doesn’t feel right, but I’d be assisted by it’s familiarity. Most likely, I’ll put out some abstract/esoteric wash, and comprehension will be lost. Time will tell.

Most of these historic portraits of men puff them up, and I am breaking them down and rearranging them… looking for new monuments. Communicating my intent will be a struggle, and I’m inclined to reduce the intention and make paintings that are dynamic and beautiful. The studio will be ablaze come the end of this month… will see what comes from the fire.

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