Three things

Posted by Dane Carder on February 27, 2019

I listened to a podcast today with Tim Ferris and a guy I had never heard of, Jim Collins. Jim is an author and teacher/lecturer on the topic of business management (likely why I was in the dark on him). The discussion mostly kept my attention and interest, but one take away made it worth the two hour investment. Jim put forth three “rules” around which he would ideally build his life (and days). The way he summarized these three things resonated with what I feel like I have come to understand as ideal, healthy guidelines in living “the good life”.

  1. Live simply
  2. Do work that brings about the most Flow experience
  3. Spend time with the ones you love

Some might say, “easier said than done”… Well, I am not here looking for the easiest way, I am searching for the best.

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