Three million dollar tuna

Posted by Dane Carder on January 6, 2019

Last week, a man bought a 613 pound tuna in Tokyo for 3.1 million dollars. A couple of weeks ago, I paid $4.37 for a twelve ounce drip coffee. I think plenty about value, and less about cost, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to consider value vs. cost. In art, it’s certainly a debate with no clear winners or losers. It is a common struggle for artists at the beginning of their careers to really wrestle with pricing their work, and I, in the middle of my career, still get mildly uncomfortable in that arena. And then, there is comparing cost with others in the same market… a terrible thing to do, but nearly impossible to avoid. As mentioned in the last post, not attaching too much to such thoughts is a sure way out of getting in knots over any of this. People are simply going to overpay for things that they assign certain value to, and I’ll be ok with $8 tuna nigiri and $2.50 drip coffee… which some will deem “overpaying.”

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