There Is No Spoon

Posted by Dane Carder on March 18, 2019

I’ve just re-watched The Matrix. I have terrible movie recall, and I have not seen it since it first came out, and only then likely just saw it once. I’ve been curious how I would receive/understand it today compared to nearly twenty years ago. There are all sorts of discussions these days about AI and the repercussions of our decisions to inch toward that goal, and I don’t naturally think too much about that subject. BUT, there is plenty to consider if the urge strikes to slip down that rabbit hole… lots of frightening plot lines. I’m certainly not smart enough to project what any outcomes in that story look like, and so I stay out of that fray. I enjoyed The Matrix for what it is, and I’ll probably invest a little more time to watch the sequels… pure cinematic escape. My brother and I, over the last two decades have strategically used the line in the movie, “There is no spoon,” and I will certainly continue to do so. The mind’s capacity is our super power.

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