the studio is alive with the sound of paint

Posted by Dane Carder on September 30, 2010

i have been in the studio for the last three weeks, and much has occurred. the paintings have matured and i have tired. not to burst any bubbles, but it is not so much “fun,” and sometimes it is not even enjoyable. it feels like very difficult work, and it is. i feel that the Work that i am doing is much bigger than me, so, it has become less important that i “enjoy” it. i receive great satisfaction and gratitude from being a part of this “project,” and that sustains me. i have been “out of work-work” for several weeks, and as i invest my time in the studio, the money bleeds out. the economy is sour, and the victims are plentiful. but, the Work is getting done, and the future holds promises that are dreams today… and i am banking on this belief. the upcoming show will be on november 20th (and possibly the 21st too,) in my studio, “sponsored” by Cumberland Gallery. it will be the first time in 30 years that they have been a part of a “studio show;” i am as honored as i could possibly be… i hope that you can save the date and join us for the opening.

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