The Studio at Night

Posted by Dane Carder on May 24, 2019

Many years ago, I found my way to the studio at night on a fairly regular basis. I guess it was mostly when I was painting houses during the day, and I needed the night time to keep the studio work progressing. That habit slowed to a slow crawl over the last five years or so, and I usually don’t miss it… but, when I do, it’s a fierce longing. There is a magical comfort in the night studio energy, and it’s a unique ambiance. It’s kinda like sitting by the ocean at night… a certain sort of noisy quiet, powerfully loaded with orchestral intensity. This summer seems primed to welcome back the habit of working in the studio at night

Today was the last day of school for my daughters, and I am filled with pride for their “success” in another year of middle school. Those years can be messy as hell, but the girls seemed to gracefully make their way through all social and academic jungles. Now, we navigate summer schedules, where idleness can make the mess… I am hoping to choreograph our own blend of relaxation and exploration.

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