the new road

Posted by Dane Carder on October 30, 2013

The transition from artist/housepainter to artist/gallery director is going very well so far.  The numerous ways in which this new job seems to fit me deepens my gratitude for the entire experience.  On every level I find countless ways in which this “promotion” will serve the Greater Good.  I went shopping for the first pieces of my new wardrobe this past Saturday with my wife, and I/we had a great time.  I don’t usually shop for “pieces of my wardrobe.”  I have been a paint spattered t-shirt and jeans guy for twenty years; collars are rare.  Now, I am the proud owner of five new “oxford” type shirts that will definitely up my professional appearance by at least ninety-three percent.  And, it feels much more natural than I would have expected.  I am busy with studio visits and the other various tasks required to build a starting roster for the gallery.  I am excited to be working with those on the list so far, and we will be introducing them on our Facebook page starting this week.  The build-out of the space should start in the next couple of weeks, and watching the progress will be a daily dose of delicious anticipation.  I will be going to Memphis soon to select work to bring to the gallery for the opening… again, very exciting.  I purchased my first iPhone last week.  I had been holding on to my flip phone in stubborn refusal of the mainstream current.  Oh, well… I surrender.  I also have another email address, and soon, another business card.  The gallery has a phone number, and we receive our first submission in the mail.  I attended my first “art dealers” meeting… that was strange.  

In other news, today I began the first painting for my show that opens at the Parthenon in Nashville in March of 2015.  I will likely have 16-18 large (72″x48″ish) panels, and maybe several small ones.  So, I have sixteen months to do that work while I begin a brand new career in a field that excites me out of my skin.  I will be learning so many things on so many levels, and the challenges of balancing the components will be thrilling.  The new road before me lights a bigger fire than ever before within me, and the light and the warmth will be shared for sure.  I am thankful for the opportunities, and I am humbled by it all.  Thanks for stopping by the blog, may you be well.

threesquared, the gallery in my studio, has an opening from 6-9 this coming Saturday night for Shelby Shadwell.  427 Chestnut St.

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