The myth

Posted by Dane Carder on September 18, 2016

I first encountered the myth of Sisyphus in college… in the midst of a relatively deep relationship with existentialism.  This painting developed quickly into a visual interpretation of that story, as the generalized “mound form” was produced in a common painted gesture.  A large boulder sat atop the form for the first iteration, and stumped me for a day or so when I could not come to terms with it’s proper shape and size.  So, to solve the compositional issue, I painted over the “rock” and laughed when I realized that was the perfect illustration of Sisyphus’ story.  If you aren’t familiar with the myth, I recommend looking it up… I could explain it here, but I won’t.  The painting is one of my current favorites.

                                                              twentysixteen-32 (Sisyphus) – 24″x24″

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