The Medal

Posted by Dane Carder on May 15, 2019


I had asked my mom where her James Beard medal was, as I had not seen it out on display. Of course, she only received it last week, so she hasn’t had much time to get it “placed” in the restaurant. During my lunch today, I asked her again, and with the help of a manager, it was located, handed to me, and was quickly accompanied by my lunch slice of strawberry pie. I don’t often take pictures of food, but the moment was ripe for a quick pic… and, it happened to turn out as a photographically exceptional little image. Even the kelly green apron strings that appeared in the top right corner as I prepared to take the photo… and, the straw passing through the water glass. Anyways, it was a magic moment of gratitude. Life is often hard, and unimaginable little moments like this must be savored for all they are worth, and the photo documentation will serve as a thousand word story.

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