the fire of spring 2011

Posted by Dane Carder on June 13, 2011

i mix my own “black” paint… it makes a difference. i, generally, do not like black (within the setting of interior spaces, etc.) strange. i’m not quite sure of the specific ratios, but a number of factors are affecting the size of the fire inside. coffee contributes to the energy, discontentedness with the day jobs inspires creative riots, BIG IDEAS demand enormous work, and simple timing chimes alarms… all makes for the latest storm of activity in the studio. the next painting for the Project has been started, and all that i really want to do, besides share time with my family, is paint on this painting. unfortunately, there is an unreasonable amount of other worldly events to tend to these days, so, i do my best to accept the circumstances, and i paint when i can. there are also at least two other series (within this series,) that i would like to be working with right now, but they wait on me to have more space… more munny. the open studio last weekend was hopefully the last one for quite a while; i need a bit of privacy to get intimate with the Project, and also to resurrect the gallery (threesquared,) that exists within the studio. i have “hired” a curator who is extremely excited to sink her teeth into the gallery, and i am excited to watch the space gain an identity again. we have scheduled the first show for august, and from there, i believe that we will have openings every month or six weeks. how does this work with me getting some privacy? i’m not sure yet… the art shows at threesquared may be one night events? i will find the necessary intimacy. anyways, the Work is turned on and the fuel tank is full. the last image is titled Golden Rule; it now hangs in my house… it’s a good reminder for me. ciao-

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  1. Mary Addison Hackett
    August 2, 2011

    Nice pics. I'm always fascinated to see how other artists work.

  2. Dane Carder
    August 3, 2011

    thanks… that is surely one of the highlights of artist bloghopping.


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