The Feedback

Posted by Dane Carder on March 3, 2019


Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago what the feedback has been like on my blog project. I laughed an instinctive laugh, as there’s not really a quantifiable amount of feedback, and I don’t hear much at all from anyone about this endeavor. On one hand, that’s feedback in itself… and, it’s a good way to keep going about this daily practice in an authentic manner. I remember early in my yoga practice, I learned to not evaluate other practitioners poses, as to not compare mine to theirs. Sometimes, getting information from outside of oneself is serviceable, and in some arenas it can cause more damage than good. I believe, this operational characteristic of mine was an influential factor in my leaving college well before graduation. Studying art to the degree of getting a degree wasn’t going to work for me… I just constitutionally was not equipped to continue in that learning dynamic. It feels like a character defect sometimes, and maybe it is, sometimes. For much of my life, I have not opened up to being “teachable,” and I am working towards being a better pupil, but it’s effing hard. I can be a “stubborn know it all,” and that’s generally not a likable human being trait. With the coming Lenten season (which I have long aligned with, even without truly being religious in that way), I am moving deeper into self examination and repentance and self-denial and other sorts of spiritual “fun stuff.”

In other news, the art walk last night was a good time… I had not participated yet this year, so maybe the break did me a little good. I kept the doors to my studio shut, and just hosted the opening of Kelly Sherrod’s work in the hall gallery. The crowd was large, fun, and supportive.

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