Swimming in the deep

Posted by Dane Carder on April 25, 2016

I was swimming in the deep end of the pool this last week with planets in retrograde, a full moon, Prince dying, a slow week at the gallery, and possibly my man “time of the month.”  So, now that I have shared a little too much information, here are a couple of the paintings from the weekly painting project that I have managed to keep going for almost four months. Both of these pieces stalled out a bit during production, but, I committed to a version that I can accept and moved on to the next… these two are actually from three and two weeks ago.  Anyways, I’m hoping that I get my Self cleaned up a little more before May begins.

                                                        twentysixteen-14 (in the deep end)  –  24″x24″  –  $500

twentysixteen-15 (cloudy)  –  24″x24″  –  $500

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