Posted by Dane Carder on November 15, 2011

for a couple of months, i feel like i have mostly turned my back on the studio. there has been a “day job” mountain in front of me, and on the inside, the battlefield of being an artist was drenched in blood… so, i retreated. i lived an alternative life that supplied a blindness for a while that brought a bit of relief to tired eyes. i worked my day job. i let go of the struggle of making it happen in the studio; it worked for a while, sort-of. my back eventually gave out, and for about three weeks it remained a pain. i kept working my day job, and i grew increasingly agitated. now, i have my eyes back open, and a new (old) belief has brought relief, and i have found the studio again. i am committing to getting there every day… fifteen minutes or nineteen hours. for the time being, i am willing to step on toes, my wife’s included (sorry, honey); i am learning to walk in new Guided feet… this is a crucial transition into the next, updated version of me as Dane. … not stagnant, not secure; sure.

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