Studio Games

Posted by Dane Carder on August 29, 2019

There’s more than plenty going on in the studio these days, and these Portal Paintings are much of the busyness. Thankfully, I have yet to begin building their frames, as that assembly line demands all three rings of the circus. All of this is going on as I am a bit in limbo, finalizing the business plan for Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce, and waiting to launch that long awaited endeavor.

This grid on the floor was a quick visual sample for myself as I am considering mounting a grouping of these onto one framed panel. The play of these shapes adds a fun element to their expression… and, my mom would certainly be pleased that I am considering “fun” in my studio work. Most of this work will be for Artclectic at USN in October. I had made thirty, as I had planned on sending a dozen or so to the showroom in ATL that has carried my work… but, I found out yesterday that they don’t really want the work right now. So, I pivot the strategy, and I’m grateful to have the freedom of other opportunities.

I’m still scaling up the Portals, and the progress is coming along swiftly now. The holiday weekend will provide a bit of R & R, and after that, full speed ahead. I am excited about September and the soon to be changing season.

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