Staring Contest

Posted by Dane Carder on September 27, 2019

Games were being played in the studio today, and they were more stern than fun, unfortunately. This painting is one of the last of the current batch to be “unresolved.” So, we stared at each other today, in silence. I listened intently, but the sound could not cut through the noise… we stared longer. There was an answer in this game somewhere, and I was determined to dig it out, if not quickly, confidently. I stood my ground as my eyes grew tired. The working title, “Partly Cloudy,” was possibly clouding my vision…

Eventually, near the last hour of my studio time, I made a move that was slightly uncertain. The risk needed to be taken, and being wrong may be what I was. I won’t really know until next week when I return to my place before this painting.


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