Spring Equinox Full Super Moon

Posted by Dane Carder on March 20, 2019

For someone who loves a good ritualistic/astrological/”religious” reason to have a fire and celebrate something, today was a great day. The Spring Equinox arrived along with a full Super Moon, and so I sat by a fire for a couple of hours this afternoon, and again tonight. The back yard serves me well as a holy place, lined with sixty foot loblolly pines, hardly a neighbor’s house visible. I have a deep need for ceremony here, and being given a double dose of cause to honor Nature calls me clearly to stop everything and be with her.

After a long time watching the embers orchestrate a mesmerizing performance of heat and light, I gave my thanks to the fire and moon and wind and such, and then heard small footsteps coming from the side yard… barely, before it made its way to the front of the house, I spied the silhouette of a small fox. Hashtag, this season’s spirit animal.

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