Spring Break ’19

Posted by Dane Carder on March 15, 2019

I’m in Huntington, WV for about twenty-four hours… the quickest Spring Break trip I’ve ever taken. The trip was planned around the desire to get my friend Robert to the family restaurant, as he’s long wanted to make the journey, and the timing coincided with my daughter’s spring break. Strange thing is, and it only occurred to me after making the plan, that when I was in eighth grade (like my oldest daughter), I brought a friend of mine here for spring break (and, it snowed).  My daughters truly love coming here, and don’t mind that we didn’t take them to the beach or something glamorous like that. They work the register and as hostess… they eat to their heart’s content. Having a family restaurant is a priceless gift; sharing this place with friends expands the gift.

I am tired after a long day of travel and eating at Jim’s, but will return to the topic of the family restaurant some time when I have more time/energy to tell more of the story.

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