Sparking Joy

Posted by Dane Carder on March 4, 2019

Over the holidays, I was at a gathering at my cousin-in-law’s house, and stumbled upon a small, old painting of mine. It was displayed proudly/intimately in the bathroom. He purchased it from me during a studio sale as I was trying to reduce my load before moving out of that space… I had forgotten that he had acquired it. It did “spark joy” to stumble across it and to see that it had a nice home and was doing well… like it was a grown up child of mine that I could be proud of. That’s the quiet ultimate goal of the painting/creative process… of course, the creation is the magic, but completing the creative cycle by finding the paintings a final resting spot is pure gold… the sharing of the gifts.

The painting is an odd one… in my mind, it is one of somebody climbing abstract clouds.

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