Signed, Framed, Delivered

Posted by Dane Carder on March 28, 2019

The joy of completion is often lost on me… not because of the joy part, but because of the completion part. It’s a defect of character that I am not too proud to admit. Anyways, today the joy and completion harmonized as a client came to pick up his commissioned portrait of his significant other… and, he said, “WOW!” His excitement was one of the reasons I was able to push through all of the roadblocks while doing this style of painting that is quite foreign to me. I have painted many portraits, but they have been black and white portraits of Civil War soldiers, but I am hesitant to consider myself a “portrait painter.” That was another one of the reasons that I accepted this challenging proposition… the idea of reproducing this lovely photo of my friend’s girlfriend was scary, and I had little proof that I could succeed. I knew that I could do it, I knew that I could also fail, and that was exhilarating, life affirming. Amen.

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