SI joint

Posted by Dane Carder on September 10, 2012

my lower back has been screaming at me again for two days, and i can not help but to listen. the message that it delivers calls me louder to attend to the issues. i am painting an entire interior of a house right now… a wonderful job on the one hand, a back breaking mess on the other. that is the physical issue that is doing damage to the sacroiliac joint. the spiritual/emotional/energetic issue is not as simple a diagnosis. i have some ideas of what the factors are, and they are long-held “shortcomings”/fears that swim in the murky pool of financial insecurity. it is a nasty place to tread water. i am tired again of the fear of drowning here. it is not a constant, conscious issue, but it seeps below the surface and effects the foundation of almost everything. my faith goes far; my fear goes far too. battles are won and lost every week. i am fairly certain that the fear is going to lose, i just have no idea when that will happen. right now, i am doing my best to hold the belief that today i have ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. (today’s feel good message brought to you by La Croix sparkling water with natural lime flavor.)

the image is titled Tending The Wounded, and it will be part of my show at Belmont University’s Leu Gallery in March, 2013

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