Second verse…

Posted by Dane Carder on January 16, 2016

Second verse, same as the first… One painting per week for a year.  I didn’t have rules going into this project except to make a painting per week for a year, and I haven’t broken that rule yet.  This week’s version took its inspiration from one or some of the drawings by Michelangelo that were recently on view at the Frist Center.  I hadn’t thought that a real world visual inspiration would be incorporated so soon in this endeavor, as I figured I would simply explore color and shape and pattern for a while.  But, I go with the Muse where she takes me, and it works best if I don’t resist.  Anyways, Michelangelo has long been a source of inspiration, and seeing the work at the Frist was a nice way to begin the year.  The drawings were framed in slate-ish blue frames with off white mats… the five hundred and something year old paper and ink and chalk has shifted tones into the usual beautiful ochres/browns/sepia toned vibration.  Two down, fifty to go.

                                             Mannerism  – 24″x24″ – acrylic on canvas – $500

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