Scaling Up

Posted by Dane Carder on August 22, 2019


I’m definitely not sure that these are going to work at a larger scale, and that’s why I’m trying it. The “Portal Paintings” are successful on the intimate scale of 11″x9″… I have some that are 22″x18″, but the newest ones have made the leap to canvas and are 48″x36.” Spending time in discomfort is important, and it’s not a habit that I have held very long… probably shouldn’t even call it a habit. I’m a routine man, usually. I don’t like to think that I “play it safe,” and certainly, in some ways I’m not close to doing such. Anyways, the job calls for larger paintings, and I’m trying to find out what I’ve got.

The last two days have been energetic glitches. I can’t seem to get my mind to settle well enough to take it easy on me. The gutter of financial anxiety cleared a space for me, and I trudged right into it, and now, it’s sticky getting out of the muck. For all of the faculties I think I have, and usually use well, there are days where the long time frenemy sneaks up for a bear hug. Tomorrow will be a turning point, one way or another. I hope to put the strangle hold on this feeling, and make peace with what is.

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