Running Out of Blogposts

Posted by Dane Carder on December 15, 2019

Well, there are only sixteen posts left for me and this old New Years’ resolution, and for that, I am grateful. It’s not that I don’t feel capable of posting more, but I feel like whoever might still be following along doesn’t deserve self indulgent/journal style posts that seem to seep out in this project. It did not evolve as I envisioned, and that’s how it goes sometimes… most of the time? Regardless, the future of this blog after these 365 have been done, will hopefully provide more. More what? Who knows?

It’s ten till midnight on Sunday, after I have been to a Titans’ game, my wife’s work Christmas party, the end of the season soccer party for a daughter, and had a cigar with a fire with one of my best friends. The night’s sleep awaits, and I anticipate deepness. Then, tomorrow, I’ll start a new fire as I continue the pace toward launching Jim’s. Will I do any shopping for Christmas? I’m inclined to do little of that… the pressure of presents is absurd.

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