Posted by Dane Carder on May 29, 2016

In the midst of the overwhelming amount of shuffling that occurs in my life and in my head, this project continues.  It serves as a tiny respite filled with color meditation and Pause.  The two paintings posted here are about as symbolic of this notion as I could illustrate… They are from three and two weeks ago.  Maybe, one of these weeks, I’ll be synced back with posting the week that the painting is made… maybe.  And, maybe, at the end of June, I am going to host a Open Studio to exhibit the works at the halfway mark of the project… maybe.
“Summer break” has arrived, and thus begins a new set of schedules for parents like myself.  Adapting to the shifts will open avenues that welcome opportunity, and I feel prepared to go down those roads.  The 72″x60″ painting of Harpers Ferry is heading into the home stretch, and it feels like a new series has been born.  David Lusk Gallery has begun the long summer journey of group shows, and I will report on that more soon, as I am excited about all that is happening there…
Anyways, it’s Memorial Day weekend, and I am looking forward to disappearing from the digital world for a bit.  Ciao-

                                          twentysixteen-19 (The Right Side of the Grass) – 24″x24″ – $500

                                                                     twentysixteen-20 – 24″x24″


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