Resistance and the new Way of Working

Posted by Dane Carder on May 18, 2011

over the next two days, i will be finalizing a keynote address that i was asked to give at a conference in murfreesboro… this is a first for me. i have spoken about my Work for years, but never in such an official capacity. it will be a wonderful, new experience. do i have a “message” that i am trying to get across, either in the work or in this talk? yes, most likely. it seems to be that i want to address spirituality, faith, love, etc. somehow wrapped in the shroud of historical war photographs. the symbology is everywhere within the civil war imagery, and to pull the covers off of it is a mission that i have accepted. will i be able to find a linear path to follow? we’ll see. the ideas that i have about the Work spread themselves all over the place, and keeping it unified will be my most daunting task. today, i have the job of cleaning up some of the thoughts to reign them in from their wandering; i am up for this job. i look forward to getting back to the paint.

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