Red Arrow Gallery – online “shop”

Posted by Dane Carder on August 20, 2019

I am grateful to be working with the folks at Red Arrow Gallery again, and as of today, I have some works available on their ArtCloud platform. You’ll find some of the Haiku Paintings and some of the Reconstruction pieces. As an artist who has tried all sorts of ways to sell my own work, it is nice to have someone who believes in the work enough to work hard to get it in front of an audience. I have failed repeatedly at connecting collectors to my paintings. On a podcast today, I heard a lovely bit about Thomas Edison and the number of times that he failed…

Still, he kept returning to the Work, and accomplished enough. I do think about how history might view my efforts (if at all). I usually don’t get the sense that my work is on anyone’s radar in the contemporary art world. I think that I would prefer to be rejected instead of neglected… how about you?

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