Ready for the weekend?

Posted by Dane Carder on January 4, 2019

As a parent and an artist (freelancer), I have found the question, “Are you ready for the weekend?” or any weekend specific excitement (TGIF) to be especially misplaced. Compartmentalizing the enjoyment of days seems unfortunate, and I wonder how long this dynamic might hold sway over us. The sorts of systems that built the environment for this “waiting for the weekend” mentality are slowly dying. One day, I imagine many more folks will relax on the couch or porch on a Tuesday afternoon, or grab a slow coffee and breakfast on Thursday with a friend instead of rushing off to work. The “be here now” and “one day at a time” approach seeks to dissolve days and, instead, spotlight moments, wherever they happen to fall within a week. Are you ready for today?

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