Quiet Magic Moments

Posted by Dane Carder on April 7, 2019

The Chaos Mind and the Quiet Mind vie for my time. One wins a moment, gets momentum and goes on a run with me in tow. The slow pace of the Quiet Mind is easy and desired, but the other is fiery and alive and inspired. I am consciously working on catching a victorious Chaos before full speed is reached, as it’s a tough swirl to slow… and, the spinning leads to dizzy which leads to nausea. Oftentimes, it is the Light that creates opportunity to capture the hand of the quiet magic moment that is missed when in Chaos. The image above stopped me in the studio late last Friday… there was just some quality about the vignette that humbled me and dropped a ton of gratitude upon my heart. I am an extremely lucky man to have a studio and the opportunity to create work that continues to feel inspired.

I am looking forward to a week with some new agendas. I am committing time to some research on a new business, and I am working to push along the renovation of our garage. I’ll be converting it into a finished mudroom and laundry room… equipped with a “wall easel” for painting. Full time in the studio will have an altered dynamic, and that will be a nice change for a while. Thanks for reading.

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