Quarter Till

Posted by Dane Carder on November 16, 2019

It is nearly midnight, and I’m ready to close this long day. I attended a “memorial art show” for a friend’s mom who passed away two months ago. She was an artist, and had created thousands of works over her life… and, about a third of them were shared today. It was beautiful and heavy. So much of her, after death, remained in that room with the art. I couldn’t help but to reflect on my own situation. Will my daughters be left with the weight of me when I die? It’s likely to be that way, and I can’t live concerned over their possible burden. Anyways, I followed up the memorial with an art show for J. Todd Greene at my studio, and I was very pleased. Todd and I both have barely survived countless openings, when not enough people showed or nobody bought anything… we have been scarred. Tonight, he and I both celebrated, as lots of people showed up and plenty purchased art. Todd’s model is “pay what you want,” and though it makes most people uncomfortable, it probably works out in the end.

We need to be made uncomfortable, as it forces us to face certain aspects of ourself that need facing. Walking through that feeling with people is weirdly fun. It’s time to post… five till midnight.

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