Pu’ er

Posted by Dane Carder on August 8, 2019

This year has been mostly coffee-free for me. I do love coffee. No, I’m not crazy. Over the last half dozen years, I’ve found that coffee tweaks my energetic body in ways that make optimal living nearly impossible. But, because it’s so delicious and stimulating and I’m an addict, I was only able to take some periodic breaks from it. Along with other shifts within me (and the world) this year, my choosing tea has been natural and effective.

Luckily, I have a friend that has researched and sold loose leaf tea for decades. He’s where I first heard about Pu’ er tea, and where I have found a bountiful supply. The current selection is a tea cake just the right size for a small pot. It’s a special brew, and “the caffeine high” is so much cleaner than coffee. If you’re into tea, and have not explored Pu’ er, I do recommend it… and, your Chinese medicine practitioner will thank you.

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