Projecting a Project

Posted by Dane Carder on December 28, 2018

How to Be of Service

I love a project. There comes with it a certain state of mind, akin to addiction or true love, where the project is always lingering, scratching at the moment’s attention, persistent until it is tended to… Passion in bloom.

So, as I have done before, I take the new year as an opportunity to consider “every day for a year” types of projects. This year, even if blogs are generally dying a slow death, I am likely to launch into posting one blog a day for the entire year. It feels like one part research, one part PR, one part therapy, and one part community service. Sure, there is a chance that it won’t last a full month… there’s also a chance that it lasts for ten years. I operate within the “one day at a time” model, and I will blog on January first and just see what happens from there. This project is in response to various personal events of last year, and the continued reconstruction of my studio “business model.” After years of trying to serve the arts community in a particular way, it occurred to me that the model I was utilizing was no longer of much value. I am seeking a new way to be of service, and I am hoping that this blog project can assist with my mission. My interest in the visual arts has long been about adding beauty to the world. With my particular subject matter, I have tried to better understand suffering as a means to lessen it’s grasp on our experience here. “Art and the End of Suffering” is the working title for the school of thinking that rolls around in my head about all of this, and this blog project will hopefully help me explore and share my findings as I dig deeper.

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