Praying for Others

Posted by Dane Carder on February 8, 2019

I had lunch with a friend today… tacos. He and I don’t get together very often, but it seems like we would. He’s a hard thinking psychologist, and a sharp minded, big hearted spiritual man… a loving husband and father too. We have enough in common to connect deep, and we go do deep in an instant. Midway through the lunch, he had proposed a thirty day challenge to pray for the other… he for me and I for him. I accepted the challenge. Prior to this agreement I had said something about “praying and meditating,” which led him (knowing I’m not particularly religious) to ask me, “Who do you pray to?” I gave an answer that must have not rattled him too much, hence his proposal for prayer trade. I look forward to moving forward with this to experience such a quest, as I’m not sure that I have done this sort of specific request. I am a huge proponent of praying for “enemies,”… it’s a nuanced practice, but it really hits hard in the heart with compassion bombs. Anyways, it was wonderful to connect with a friend that I don’t see much… I’ve been contemplating connection a lot lately.

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